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How to Use Our Site

1) To view the entire range of products and order online you need to have a unique customer username (email address) and password. If you have a customer username and password, select Customer Login in the Home section and enter and submit these details on the Login form.

If you do not have a username and password, you can apply for one in the Customer Login section.

2) Once you have logged in, you can start viewing the entire range of products online and ordering.

3) You can search for products under different categories including by product name, item number, barcode and date. You can also browse under different product categories by selecting the relevant product category.

4) When the search results are displayed, you will be able to make your order by entering the quantity desired in the box next to the item selected. You can order by the carton (CTN) or for some items in set units (INN). The order will only be placed into the shopping cart once you have clicked the Add button.

Note: You can have more detailed about each item by clicking on the thumbnail image. The detailed information will appear in a separate pop up screen.

5) Once you have added an item � it will tally automatically at the bottom of the page.

6) If you would like to finalise or change your order once it has been added into the shopping cart, you can do so by selecting Manage Order.

Update quantities - if you change any of the quantities in �Manage Order' then you will need to click this to update the quantities.

Reset Order� this resets the entire order.

Finalise Order� this allows you to check out and finalise the order. You can specify whether the items are to be delivered or picked up. After the order has been finalized you can return to the Manage Order screen to make an order for another store if you so wish.

Suspend Order� this allows you to save the order so you can resume the same order at a later stage using Resume Suspended Order. You can do this if you want to order the same or a similar bundle of items for another store.

7) Express Order � this allows you to quickly place orders � it is used when you know the Product ID of the item and do not wish to browse or use the search functions.

8) Posters and Prints � Posters and Prints must be ordered by full or half pallets. Posters and prints have different pallet sizes. Ordering prints and posters is done by specifying the quantity required in the box below the item and then selecting Add at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed the ordering, you can proceed to Manage Order screen to finalise the order.